5/25/17 Guest Speakers at our monthly meeting

All registered Democrats are invited to attend our monthly meeting on Thurs. 5/25 at 7:00.
We are excited to host two guests speakers this month:
Vice Chair for CT Democratic Party, Dita Bhargava, and Jonathan Harris, Former Consumer Protection Commissioner and Candidate for Governor.

Dita will be a talking about the State Party and future of the party . Jonathan will talk his views for Connecticut and vision for Connecticut if elected as Governor

Details & rsvp: https://www.facebook.com/events/1912723405420348


5/21/17 Health Care Reform Coffee & Conversation in South Windsor

Sunday, May 21: please join the South Windsor Alliance for Progress and Congressman John Larson, for an important conversation about health care at the third Coffee & Conversation event, on Sunday, May 21st starting at 3:45p (doors open at 3:15p) at the Chiropractic Family Health Center of South Windsor, 869 Sullivan Avenue.
Congressman Larson will discuss health care reform including the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the recent passage in the U.S. House of Representatives of the American Health Care Act and how all these changes affect us here in Connecticut. The mayor of Middletown, Dan Drew, will also join the discussion, along with Dr. Caroline Rochon, a Hartford area surgeon who will discuss her experiences working in both the U.S. and Canada. Bette Marafino, president of the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Citizens will act as the moderator. Details & rsvp at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2238113453081354IMG_7154

We Want YOU!

Love your community and want to make a difference? We’d like to hear from you! The South Windsor Democrat Party is looking for Town Council and Board of Education candidates for the 2017 municipal elections. Previous experience isn’t necessary and we’ll provide guidance and support. To learn more, please call South Windsor Democratic Town Committee Chairman, Tony Duarte at 860-985-0106.IMG_7008.JPG

2017 Eugene Policelli Service Awards

IMG_6896Congratulations and thank you to all of the recipients of the annual Eugene Policelli Service Awards, including our own Sandy Jeski. The service awards were created in honor and memory of Dr. Eugene Policelli who served on the board of education from 1985 to 1998. The honorees are selected on the basis of their outstanding contributions to the town of South Windsor through voluntary service.

Thoughts on South Windsor Redistricting

Thoughts on South Windsor Redistricting from South Windsor Town Council Member and Former Mayor, Saud Anwar as Published in the Journal Inquirer on April 21, 2017:
A group of South Windsor town councilors has proposed changes to the town’s present system of polling places. The reason for doing so, they say, is that voting takes place within our schools. Accordingly, they have framed this as a safety measure. Let’s consider the merits and possible consequences of such change.
Residents have used schools as voting sites for decades. To my knowledge, there has never been an incident in which our children’s safety was compromised as a result of polling. If there are genuine concerns about our children’s safety, we can:
— Coordinate teacher professional days to correspond with elections. Thus, school would not be in session
— Make certain there is police presence in polling places on election days.
— Provide escorts for anyone using lavatories.
There are potential problems that could result from changing voting sites.
Firehouses — Incoming, outgoing, and continuous traffic and pedestrians could present a safety hazard. Imagine a fire call, when first responders must respond as quickly as possible. Clearly there is potential for a dangerous situation.
Cost — Changing polling sites would require Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. Bringing them into compliance will require additional spending by taxpayers. Our voters have just agreed to pay about $70 million for two schools. Additional taxation would be added to an already substantial burden.
Impact on voter participation — Historically, changing polling places has negatively impacted turnout. According to data, it takes almost three election cycles to bring the number of voters toward the actual pre-districting numbers.
Changing balance of voters — Any demographic group disproportionately affected by change in polling place could alter an election’s outcome. In particular, senior citizens who depend on others for transportation or alternate arrangements may find locating and navigating a new site too burdensome.

Redistricting — Traditionally, changing districts is the first building block used to manipulate voters. For example, South Windsor’s 1st District is part of the state’s 11th House District, which includes parts of East Hartford. Redistricting South Windsor could have an impact on the ratio of Republican and Democratic voters in this and other districts. That tactic has been used in parts of the country to undermine voters. Changing voter balance can impact all future state and federal elections.
Redistricting should be carefully considered, in public, before any action takes place. Changing voter districts seems more politically driven than is practically necessary. Maintaining our voting sites as they exist is in our community’s best interest. It is important to examine ramifications of any changes and motivations behind them. Politics should not play a part in a decision that could negatively affect voter participation.
Saud Anwar
South Windsor

Town meetings this week:

Monday, April 24, 7 PM, TE (Alt.6), the Town Council and Board of Education will hold a budget discussion regarding budget reductions due to impending, although not known in exact detail, state monetary cuts to SW.
Tuesday, April 25, 7 PM, TE (Alt. 6), the SW Board of Education will be discussing its budget further.

Thursday, April 27, 7 PM, TE (Alt. 6), a public hearing will be held on the “proposed budget” per SW Charter mandate (the proposed budget that was previously approved, not the budget being discussed with reductions).

SWDTC members and interested residents are encouraged to attend at least one, if not all, to further understand the stress and solutions the town is under budget wise.

Our monthly SWDTC meeting scheduled for 4/27/17 has been canceled.